Meet the board

Danielle Veal


Danielle Veal is an educator and Atlanta native.   She is the Founder & Director of Teach One Tutors, an Atlanta based tutoring business. She has a passion for education and youth development which is why she became a Zena's House board member in 2019. Danielle is committed to helping students see their untapped & unlimited potential. 

Natasha Lyles, PhD


Dr. Lyles is a wife, mother and metro Atlanta educator for the past 17 years. She joined the Zena's House board because she is passionate about helping young people. In her spare time she likes to exercise, read, and spa treatments. Her favorite quote by Mahatma Gandhi, is "An eye for an eye only ends up making the world blind." This quote encompasses her belief in moving forward, and forgiveness. 

Riah Greathouse, Esq.


Riah is a husband, father and founder of Greathouse Trial Law. Riah focuses on his client’s well-being, while helping them put their life back 

together after personal injury tragedies. Riah became a tutor for Zena’s House in 2011 and in 2014 he became a Board member. He believes that exposure and providing youth with opportunities can positively change the world for generations to come.

Rodney Jackson


Rodney is a manager with Walmart eCommerce Fulfillment Center. His 20+ years of military and law enforcement experiences had led him to want to work with youth to help them realize their dreams and goals. He believes youth should seek and take advantage of productive opportunities and possibilities.  Rodney is driven to mentor, teach, and guide our youth.

Bernice Bronson, MPH


Bernice founded Zena's House in 2004, two years after the death of her youngest sister, Zena.  Two of Ms. Bronson’s major accomplishments with Zena’s House is securing a contract with the Georgia Department of Education in 2006 and again in 2009 and taking 14 students and chaperones to visit Ghana, West Africa in April 2009. Bernice is honored to serve the community through Zena's House.